Time to close home loans for millennials varied widely

Millennials are now closing loans at the fastest pace since March 2016, according to Ellie Mae’s latest millennial tracker. The average time taken to close a loan in February dropped to 44 days.

Millennials are the largest living generation, (even surpassing Baby Boomers), with a population of 79.8 million in 2016, according to Pew Research. This generation is widely described as those between 18 and 35.

Navigating the Home Loan Process: Educating Millennial First-Time Buyers  · Generations tech: Talking to Gen X, millennial clients. on managing their cash flow or how to save for a home and pay student loans at the same time.

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Experts say it takes around 30 to 45 days to close on a home after entering into a real estate contract. But the entire home-buying process might take much longer than that. After all, just saving up for a 20% down payment could take years. Let’s look at how long it usually takes to reach key milestones on the path to homeownership.

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A growing family rounds out the bottom of the list of reasons millennials might consider buying their first home. This may not reflect was the trends in previous generations, but it makes sense once you factor in the large number of millennials who are prioritizing their career ambitions or travel goals ahead of starting a family.

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Not only are millennials buying homes, they’re refinancing. And just as the home total loan amount varied based on the loan type, so did the time to close the loan.. Ellie Mae stated that.

You make a 10 percent down payment, you get a first loan to cover 80 percent of the home’s value, as well as a second mortgage which covers the other 10 percent. The second loan is basically a home equity loan. It’s called a "piggyback" loan because you close on that loan at the exact time when you make the purchase.

1-in-5 Closed Loans to Millennials were Refinances, According to Ellie Mae Millennial Tracker Loans to Millennial Borrowers Took Longer to Close in September PLEASANTON, Calif. – November 3, 2016 – Refinances by millennial borrowers accounted for 20 percent of all closed loans in September, up from 17 percent of all closed loans in.

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